February 18, 2016      Comments Off on Custom Jewelry
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How does the process of custom making jewelry work?

Making a custom piece can begin a number of ways. It can be as simple as taking a pre-existing piece in our store and having us redesign it with a few modifications, or it can be as personalized as bringing in an idea, photo, or sketch, and having us custom create a piece from the ground up.

In order to custom make a ring from scratch, the first step is to create the initial design. This can be done either through drawing or through a computerized CAD rendering.

Once the design is finalized, a jeweler’s wax is created. This is a true-to-life wax replica of the finished piece, minus the set stones. Although waxes look slightly heavier than the finished piece, due to the way they’re created, they are a good way to check for any changes that need to be made with either the design or the sizing.

If the wax is approved, we take it into casting, which means the wax design is cast in the metal of your choosing. From here, the stones are set and the ring is cleaned and polished one last time, and any last minute details, such as hand engraving, are applied. The finished piece is now ready to present, and is ready to be a treasured heirloom.

How does the price of custom work compare to that of a pre-made piece?

As it is pre-made for you, custom work does command a premium above the price of items out of the showcase. Although custom prices are primarily based on the cost of materials and labor, more complicated pieces will be priced accordingly.

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